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Terra Panonica Interpretation Center invites you to an unforgettable journey as far as 24 million years in the past! As a nature-loving adventurer, here you can explore tales of ancient and present-day plants and animals from Pleternica and Požega‑Slavonia County, areas that were once submerged under the Pannonian Sea, which spanned across Slavonia and a number of countries neighboring Croatia. We are waiting for you with various programs and activities for learning about nature and the world surrounding us!

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition tells the tale of the natural heritage of our town and Požega‑Slavonia County in a modern and innovative way. Six thematic areas take us from the exploration of the ancient Pannonian Sea to learning about the five habitats that surround us: the Slavonian forests of the Dilj Hill, the important landscape of the Sovsko Lake, the water empire of the Orljava River, colorful and fragrant grasslands, and the mysterious Trbušnjak Cave. Meet the creatures that swim, crawl, walk, sing, hunt, and fly through creative illustrations, dioramas, and interesting texts and exhibits. Some of the creatures date back from the times of the Pannonian Sea, and a lot of them are included in the European Natura 2000 ecological network.

Augmented reality

Explore wall illustrations and dioramas with tablets. By directing the tablet to a specific plant or animal species, you can learn additional information through the AR app. The app has a short quiz so you can test your knowledge and understanding after the tour. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Virtual reality

The mere mention of virtual reality makes our imagination run wild. Rightly so! The virtual reality app used with VR goggles will instantly take you more than 24 million years back to the very bottom of the Pannonian Sea. VR goggles can be used by two people at the same time with shared experience of the common virtual reality. You can see each other and communicate with gestures! This is an experience you will likely never forget.


Educational chests and workshops
Educational Pannonian treasure chests have been inspired by our permanent exhibition themes. The chests hold games and objects for participatory learning, which are used in various educational programs and direct experience activities. Workshops are intended for preschoolers, as well as high-school children. Love of nature and raising the awareness of the need for nature preservation are learned at an early age.

Multimedia hall

Animated movie and play
The Terra Panonica IC multimedia hall offers a screening of a 15-minute animated movie for visitors of all ages. Created as a 2D animation with elaborated illustrations, the movie celebrates the natural heritage of Pleternica and Požega-Slavonia County. The play performed by an amateur theater group from Pleternica is a celebration of learning while having fun! The main characters are various students and teachers, who learn about the specific nature of the history, geography, flora, and fauna of Terra Panonica through humorous situations. Don’t miss this! And pssst... The play was written and directed by none other than Mario Kovač!

Tourist train

The Center’s special attraction is the tour of natural habitats and sites with protected species of plants and animals aboard our tourist train! Learn about nature firsthand in an unforgettable ride across the Pleternica countryside.
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